Meet Our Team

MPHC is a publishing consultancy and marketing agency. Since 1997 we have provided specialized services to scholarly, scientific, technical, medical and professional publishers throughout the world. From our headquarters in New York City, our team of experienced publishing professionals can assist companies with the development of business strategies and tactics worldwide, and manage the planning and implementation of marketing and sales activities within the North American market.

  • Martin Hill
  • Courtney Dramis
  • Rachel Inger
  • Stephanie Ricks
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Founder and President, Martin Hill, has more than 30 years’ experience in international scholarly, scientific, technical, medical and professional publishing. He started his career in the UK with the Longman Group (now fully subsumed under its parent company’s name, Pearson) where he held a variety of positions eventually leading to Sales and Marketing Director for the Trade, Higher Education and Professional Division. In 1992 he moved to New York to take up the post of Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Chief Strategic Officer for Churchill Livingstone (medical publishers, now an imprint of Elsevier).

In 1996 he relocated to San Francisco and established his own consulting practice which, after much expansion and a move of headquarters to New York City, became MPHC.

He looks forward to working with existing and new clients to develop and implement marketing and business development strategies during this exciting and challenging time of change for specialist publishers.

Courtney Dramis has over five years of publishing experience. She serves as account manager for Kogan Page, and looks forward to developing marketing solutions for their list of specialist business books. Prior to joining MPHC, Courtney was an editor at Springer Nature acquiring new book titles and managing journals in computer science.

Rachel Inger is the account manager for the London-based Radcliffe Publishing list. Her goal is to give Radcliffe's unusual and excellent list, which focuses on medical communication, family medicine, medical education, and medical humanities, a chance to shine in the North American market. Rachel has extensive experience in medical and academic publishing, including positions at Churchill Livingstone and Northwestern University Press.

Stephanie Ricks has primary account management responsibility for the JP Medical Publishing list. She has a varied background in publishing, marketing, online media, and digital communications including holding positions at companies as varied as Book of the Month, Churchill Livingstone, and Seattle Opera. Stephanie enjoys finding new and creative ways to promote products to new and existing audiences, and has considerable experience with online and digital business development.

MPHC marketing has at the ready work groups of designers, programmers, web site developers, printers, mail houses, and list agents to support client needs.