Publishing Consultancy

MPHC’s clients for its consultancy services have included start-ups, new brands, and mature, already established lists. The work carried out for them has ranged from appraisals of individual products and small lists to whole-company organizational and financial audits and the development of five-year business plans.

Product based projects have included the appraisal of publishing lists and their suitability to various markets, with consultation on authorship, content and design considerations plus market research of all kinds, including the organization of focus groups. Sales and marketing consulting projects have included appraisals of marketing and distribution arrangements in major markets around the world, and the research of, and recommendations for, alternatives.

  • Auditing
  • Research
  • Planning
  • Branding
  • International

We are equipped to carry out product, organizational, and financial audits. Working closely with the client’s own staff or at a discrete distance—depending on the client’s preferences—we can review strategies, tactics, and other issues relating to the business, and audit relevant internal systems and procedures. We can solicit views of key external contacts—authors, customers, and others—on their interactions with client publishers and benchmark key aspects of their programs and activities against current publishing business sector norms and those of key competitors.

Our research capabilities are extensive and flexible, and can be applied to a variety of different types of projects.

For example, for the assessment of the business outlook for a particular type of company, identifying the emerging trends in the publishing industry pertinent to its publishing program, identifying and describing the responses and new business models that other publishers active in the sector have adopted to meet new challenges, identifying key areas for growth, and so on.

Or on a smaller scale, for a range of products or even single publications for which help at a very granular level is needed: the nature of the audience, the organizations the prospective buyers belong to, the publications they read, conferences they attend, the mailing lists they will be on.

We are also experienced at planning and holding focus groups in both domestic and international settings.

For whole company or major list projects, following the audit and research stages, we work with clients to provide an assessment of where they stand on each key front, identify areas for investment and growth, and make recommendations for changes for the future. These findings may then be worked up into business plans with detailed goals, benchmarks, budgets, and schedules.

Or on a smaller scale, for individual lists, a subset of publications, or even a single title, after researching the market and pathways to sales, we can create marketing and sales plans for implementation by the clients themselves, or by MPHC via its marketing agency wing.

MPHC’s publishing professionals are highly experienced in working with significant brands within the scholarly, scientific, technical, medical and professional publishing sector.

We can help clients with identifying and managing issues around brand dependency, and the creation and implementation of brand development and extension plans.

MPHC is headquartered in New York City, at the heart of the world’s single largest market for English-language publications. But while our base is in the United States, we have considerable experience of international markets and the means by which scholarly, scientific, technical, medical and professional publishers may cost-effectively operate within them for their English-language products.

Whether you are a North American publisher looking to expand your business in other parts of the world, or a publisher based overseas and wishing to establish or expand your business in the United States, our consultants are ready to assist you.